Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starbucks for FREE sorta

Okay, My life being dedicated to an amazing fund-raiser for an amazing school while working with some amazing people is over..

So let's talk about Starbucks. First you should know I don't drink coffee, but I do like an occasional hot chocolate or lemonade while socializing with my coffee addicted friends. However I can't justify paying $4.00 for hot chocolate EVER!

There are several sites that will pay in Starbucks giftcards or Paypal that you can in turn load onto your Starbucks giftcard after you register it.

SurveySpot is a great site because the minute you cash out it transfers to your paypal account. They also do a lot of awesome product trials which can also be fun!

Pinecone Research is another site that will periodically send you product trials and surveys and then in turn pay via Paypal! will also pay via Paypal, Check or actual gift card. You get more bang for your buck when you select electronic money via Paypal or a giftcard because you need more points to select cash for the same value.

MyPoints is a great site to earn free gift cards and BzzAgent pays you in MyPoints for trying various products and reviewing them!

Mindfield is another site that gives you a PayPal option they also often have product trials that pay $30- $100 for each survey. Though they are usually in the $1 to $5.00 range. You can chose check options as well.

E-Poll Rewards has the option of several gift-cards including Starbucks and of course Paypal!

LightSpeed Panel also gives you several options of giftcards and Paypal options.

Buzzback Research is another site that pays via Paypal, but they recently changed to a $20.00 min to request payment.

Several Sites pay in Checks which can be cashed at your Bank

My Opinion Now

Opinion Outpost

Survey Savvy

I also participate in a few other sites that pay in various gift cards the complete list can be found here

Last year I made over $1600 in cash and gift cards just by spending a few minutes a day taking surveys and participating in product trials.