Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Opinion Out Post

Today I received a check from Opinion Outpost for $21.80 for completing surveys.

This is one site that I LOVE! I don't spend a lot of time doing surveys, just a few minutes when I check my morning emails. Often they result in product trials for items we already use. So in turn you get a free product and paid to try it.

It isn't much but it adds up. From Opinion Outpost alone I have earned..


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Phineas and Ferb Bot Bot! and Agent P too.. Party Time!

We had the pleasure of hosting a Phineas and Ferb Party. Think Tacos, Cupcakes and sugared up kids. Thanks to Disney and Child's Play they had really awesome gift bags too!

The adults and children both loved the movie. So much that we watched it again Saturday morning... And now we keep hoping it comes out on DVD. The movie made us emotional. We all were sad to realize Phineas and Ferb would not realize their pet was really Agent P.  

My son who NEVER sits still while watching TV was captivated the ENTIRE time TWICE! ( Remember it was on the next morning too)

The pre-movie activities included having the kids assemble Perry Cupcakes with some assistance. (The kids aren't shown because I don't believe in publishing pictures of other people's children or facial pictures of my child on a public forum. Especially with the nature of today's society.)

 However the Masks Disney and Child's Play made this picture possible....

and in case you didn't know he was a fan...

We found Perry was the favorite among the kids and Ferb was the favorite among the adults.  We were also a little disappointed to not see Vanessa the love interest of Ferb in the movie ( the adults).

* Sorry this post should have been posted early but it was saved in drafts instead. I have more pictures to come*

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mail Today

I have been super lazy about posting what I got in the mail.

  1. $20 MyOpinion Now Check
  2. Kashi bar and $1.50 coupon off any Kashi product.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Give Away Time

 I was given the opportunity to try Seventh Generation Diapers. We currently only use diapers at night so it took me awhile to evaluate them. I have an extremely sensitive child and these did not cause rashes like other brands have on him.

This prize pack was provided by Seventh Generation and MyBlogSpark. They also are providing this link to a $2.00 off coupon for their brand diapers. 

Seventh Generation wants to offer you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at their newly re-launched Free & Clear diapers. With the same great performance that parents have come to expect from Seventh Generation, Free & Clear diapers have a brand new look that makes it ‘clear’ what makes them so special.

What Seventh Generation leaves out is just as important as what they put in. Free & Clear diapers do not include chlorine processing, fragrances, latex and petroleum based lotions. In an effort to contribute less overall landfill waste and continue to ensure a premium standard of absorbency, the new Free & Clear diapers have been redesigned with a lighter-weight core. With processed chlorine-free wood pulp in Free & Clear diapers, Seventh Generation also makes certain that no chlorine is released into the environment during the totally chlorine-free (TCF) whitening process of the diapers and training pants.

Seventh Generation has also reduced the size of the diapers’ plastic packaging, meaning that each pack now contributes even less overall landfill waste than before. In fact, Seventh Generation Free & Clear diaper packaging can now be recycled at local supermarkets where plastic bag recycling collection boxes are available. 

In order to win you must post a comment here and over at my new blog that I will be transitioning too.