Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mail Today

  1. Crisco sent 2 $0.55 off coupons
  2. Aquaphor/ Eucerin sent 3 $2.00 off coupons and 2 $1.00 off coupons
  3. Johnsonville sent 2 $1.00 off coupons
  4. Lance sent 3 coupons for FREE Lance Snack products
  5. Contadina sent an $0.75 off 3 coupon
  6. Lays sent 2 $0.55 off coupons
  7. Hefty sent a coupon for FREE HEFTY OF KORDLTE PRODUCT
  8. Martin's sent 4 $0.55 off coupons

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mail Today

  1. got2b sent5 $1.00 off any full size product, $1.00 off LA Looks, and $1.00 off Citre Shine
  2. Jolly Time sent 2 $1.00 off 2 Boxes and $0.35 off one
  3. Welch's sent a coupon for ONE FREE WELCH'S product coupon and 2 $0.50 off coupons
  4. Seapak sent 1 $3.00 off coupon and 1 $1.00/2
  5. Ore Ida sent 1 FREE PRODUCT coupon and two $0.75 off coupons
  6. Free Kiwi Magazine
  7. Free Woman's Day Magazine
  8. $10.00 Amazon Gift Card from Clear Voice Surveys.

and per usual my totals of income from surverys, product trials and swagbucks can be found here

Search & Win

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mail Today-Profitable and fun!

  1. $4.00 check from Survey Savvy
  2. $5.00 Amazon Giftcard from Yale E-labs
  3. DenTek sent a huge assortment of samples and various coupons ranging from $5.00 to $1.00
  4. SC Johnson sent a coupon book and a coupon for FREE Ziploc bags
  5. Henkel sent a large variety of coupons, $2.00 off Combat Ant Bait, $0.50 off Soft Scrub,$0.40 off Renuzit, $0.50 off Purex, $0.35 off Dial, $0.50 off Zout.
  6. Heinz sent a Pickle Pin and a Ketchup Pin

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

YAY for Cabot Cheese!

  1. Cabot Cheese sent a really nice package. (When I emailed them I explained my two year old is addicted to their Monterrey and Colby Jack cheese. )
  • A stuffed Cabot Cow
  • Reusable Grocery Bag
  • $1.00 off Two Cabot Cheese Coupon
  • 5 $0.30 off coupons for Cabot Cheese
  • Recipe Booklets and informational booklets
and I learned some pretty cool information from the informational booklets

2. $1.00 off Redi-Serve products

3. 2 $1.00 off Triple Paste

4. 15% off coupon for Ollies.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mail Today!

  1. Check for $6.50 from Opinion Outpost
  2. 2 $0.50 off Eggland's Best Coupons
  3. $1.00 off FRESH SUNKIST CITRUS products
  4. Amy's Organic coupons that include;$0.75 off any Amy's Whole meal, $0.75 off an Burrito or Wrap,$0.75 off Amy's Kids meal,$0.75 off Amy's Lasagna,$0.75 off Amy's Hot Cereal Bowl,$0.50 off Amy's cakes,5 $1.00 of Amy's Organic Frozen foods and one $0.75 off any one Amy's Organic product.

And as per usual my totals from last year and this year can be found here

and if you want to earn from Opinion Outpost click on the banner below!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mail Today

  1. Coupon for free Stacy's Product
  2. 5 $2.00 off Nylabone coupons
  3. 2 $1.00 off Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites
  4. 2 Free coupons for Earth Bound Farm Products, 2 $1.00 off, 2 $0.55 off coupons and a recipe booklet
  5. 1 $0.50 off Vlasic Pickle coupon

I also received a paypal payment of $3.00 from Pinecone Research and $3.00 check from surveyspot.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Free Egglands Best

EggLands Best Try Eggland's Best Eggs for Yourself

To try the new Eggland's Best eggs, simply call us at (800) 922-EGGS (3447) or send an email to with your name and mailing address. Mention code THEBESTJUSTGOTBETTER to receive your coupon. And then let us know what you think of our eggs. We always love to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We eat quite a few organic foods and I always use coupons to get them for reasonable prices. There are quite a variety of organic brands. Since we are in a small town I try to look through the ads and make a list of what is carried in our area. After making a list I email each company and ask to be put on their list for product develops and promotions.

  1. Amy's Organic
  2. Cherry Brook Kitchen
  3. Mrs. Millers Noodles
  4. Devonsheeer
  5. Rice Select Organic
  6. Kettle Cuisine

Mail Today

  1. Delallo Calender with great coupons
  2. Free Woman's Day Magazine
  3. 10% off Bed Bath and Beyond
  4. Second portion of a product trial VIA UPS.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Eating Heatlhy

A lot of people think you have to spend a lot of money to eat healthy, that is complete fiction. We eat a lot of organics, fresh foods and meat. In fact I am not a fan of a lot of processed foods.

  1. Dole Foods
  2. Eat Smart Veggies
  3. Fresh Express
  4. Mann Vegetables
  5. Earth Bound Farms
  6. Pop Eye Fresh
  7. Glory Foods
  8. Driscolls
  9. Foxy Fresh Produce
  10. Chiquita
  11. Sunkist
  12. Sunripe
  13. Ocean Mist Farms
  14. Green Giant Fresh
  15. What A Melon
  16. WAWONA
  17. Olive Organic's
  18. Rainier Apples

Coupons for you

We don't subscribe to the paper, because I find it a waste of money for several reasons.

1. The coupons are only on Sundays and not very good due to the fact we live in a small town. If I could subscribe to the Washington Post Sundays only I would be a happy person.

2. The paper person blasted their music at 4am and woke us all on.

3. The days we weren't woken up by music the paper never came.

4. On days the paper came half the inserts were missing.

5. I can get all the news I need/ want online and much much better writing than our local paper that is often filled with misquotes, grammatical errors and bad reporting.

With that being said I look to alternate resources for my coupon needs and only buy a paper if there are a lot mentioned on Taylor Town Preview that I am interested in... Usually the coupons they send out are much better than the few in the paper...

I recommend joining P&G Every Day Solutions for coupons like these:

My Selected Samples/Coupons
Tide Stain Release coupon
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Get a coupon for Tide Stain Release.

Tide Plus Febreze Freshness coupon
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Get a coupon for Tide Plus Febreze Freshness.

Downy coupons

$1 Downy coupon.

Iams coupon

Get a $3 coupon for Iams premium cat food.

Olay Total Effects coupon
NEW Olay® Total Effects Body Wash

7 skin benefits in 1 anti-aging body wash. In stores February 2010.

Iams offer
Iams® Premium Dog Food

Get a $4 coupon for Iams premium dog food.

Free Sample Time!

Mariani Dried plums the promotional code is SUPERFRUIT

Block the Burn With Prilosec OTC®
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Sanitizing + Moisturizing in One
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today's Mail

  1. Product Trial of a Yummy Beverage
  2. Free ALL you magazine with a ton of coupons, including one for a free product.
  3. Free Note Cards and Address labels.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on it

I received a check for $6.50 from Opinion Outpost a few days ago...

And today I received two separate product trials. Though I can't tell you what they are, per the agreement.

1. A yummy condiment
2. A household item everyone needs and has to use.

Product trials are fun, because you can try new items, but also save you money. They often are free full size products of things you usually use.

oh and per usual my totals can be found here

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coupon Code

I am appalled to see people selling this code on Ebay. I was fortunate enough to try the Jenny McCarthy Wii game as a product trial from ( as well as Mouse Temptations).

If you want to buy it via Amazon here is a FREE coupon code for you


and you kind find it here on Amazon

Now that the Holidays are over...

I shall try to re-vamp this page and work on a new design and of course be better about posting

I received various samples that I can't remember, including $3.00 off Pampers

also I received a $10.00 Amazon from Kraft Commuispace

and $5.50 from Opinion OutPost

and $3.00 from BuzzBack

Get Paid to take Surveys!

Last year I made 1686.27 just by taking surveys. This year I am going to attempt to beat this amount.

As usual my amounts can be seen here

Sunday, January 3, 2010