Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great Websites for Saving Money

Hot Coupon World

This site has categories for each store, grocery, drug store or department. Great site to learn the ropes of coupons.

Slick Deals


Friday, May 30, 2008

Take Advantage of those Mail in Rebates!!

Free Wishbone Bountiful Salad Dressing

Dawn Direct Foam

Colgate Free Sponge Bob Power ToothBrush

$5.00 From Lysol

Pepsi Mail In Rebate

Buy 4 any Pepsi 2 liters and send this form, CRT, UPCs to
Pepsi Drug Channel $5 rebate
PO Box 750409
El Paso, TX

no states mentioned as included or excluded
purchases must be between 5/25-6/7. Must be postmarked by 6/30

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Using Coupons Effectively. ...

Using coupons always saves money, but the trick to using coupons effectively is to get things for FREE or cheap.

Take Advantage of double coupons and don't be embarrassed to do separate transactions to get the most for your money. This is why you will have more money in the bank and others will complain about nothing having money.

A few examples of how I have saved money at Giant Eagle ( usually an over priced store)

1. Totino's Pizza Rolls, I will never pay full price for pizza rolls again. The particular Giant Eagle I went too only doubles one like coupon per transaction. Well I ordered a lot of coupons off e-bay ( still works out to be cheaper than paying full price).
  • The Pizza Rolls were 10 for 10 dollars
  • Coupons were .40 cents off
  • Double .80 cents off a box
  • .20 cents for a box of totinos

I went to a younger cashier that seemed to be having fun, I told her that I had a lot of coupons and she prompted me to do 21 separate transactions. Though every Giant Eagle is different, the ones that are NOT privately owned do NOT limit double coupons.

  • Relish was 10 for 10 dollars. Vlassic had a PDF printable coupon on their website that was 1.00 off any Vlassic item. Relish include.
  • So free relish, but what made this EVEN BETTER was if you bought 10 dollars worth of Vlassic you would get 4 dollars off your next purchase.
  • Then pickles were 5\10 dollars
    • Print 5 Vlassic Coupons
    • Use the 4 On your next purchase coupon from Giant Eagle
    • and Pay 1.00 for 5 jars of pickles.
    • And get ANOTHER 4 dollar off your next purchase coupon.

Making money, earning gift cards and prizes online!!

Net Winner

NetWinner is a website were you play games like Banko or Money will to earn Visa giftcards.


BzzAgent is a great website where you get to do product trials and word of mouth Marketing. Now you can earn gift cards via mypoints!!


This site is awesome. They pay $3-$5 dollars per survey and give you product trials. Though you have to keep the product trials secret so Shh!!!

Opinon OutPost

This site is a survey site that asks your values and opnions on variou products you can earn money for doing surveys. ( Email me for a referal if you like)

In Home Product Testing

This site is awesome you get to try products and then they pay you in giftcards for your time. The last time I did it I got a $20 Target gift card.

One 2 One Women&39;s Network

This is like Bzzagent, but for women ages 25-54. It is just starting, but it looks good.

Mom Central Consulting

This is a moms site that of
fers products to try.

Zoom Panel

This is a product trial/ survey site. You do surveys to earn rewards.

Light Speed Panel

This is a website were you earn points toward prizes and giftcards.


This is a great survey site for women, Gotta love it!! Free nail polish and lipstick trials, usually OPI products.

Vocal Point

Vocal Point sends a ton of coupons and sometimes some neat products.


Random surveys that pays you,

Market View Research

This is another product trial survey website.

Wellness 360


This is basically a version of weight watchers that pays you to count your calories. I am losing the weight slowly by surely!!


My points is great, because if you use their resources to do searches or for online shopping you can earn gift cards. A large variety for Walmart and Target to0!! Contact me if you want a referral.