Monday, August 17, 2009

It Pays to Complain

My husband and I received a pack and play as a shower gift almost two years ago. We never moved the Pack and Play and were not hard on it at all. The sides of it cracked and it was recalled.

Today Kolcraft send a check for $159.99 after I informed them I was contacting the Better Business Bureau in their town because of their lack of customer service.

I also received a check for $8.10 from Opinion Outpost.

and finally a product trial from Market View Research

$5.00 from Swagbucks

and as usual my total is here


dliver316 said...

That is tooo awesome that you got a check from Kolcraft! What kind of bad customer service did you get anyway??

Vanessa said...

Our pack and play cracked and they claimed they never received my emails. Well I saved them and showed them the dates they were sent. My husband and I both have tech related degrees so we know if an email bounces back :)