Saturday, November 7, 2009

It is GiveAway Time!

I was asked to do a Give Away of the 10th Edition of Consumer Reports for Baby, that also includes COUPONS for store brand formula.

According to the 10th edition Consumer Reports Best Baby Products, store-brand infant formula is as nutritious for babies as nationally advertised brands. Moms can save significantly – up to 50%-- by buying store brand infant formula vs. nationally advertised brands.

You can go here for discount coupons for a variety of store brand formulas.

I have until the 17th to select a winner from the comments section.

The winner will be selected from anyone who comments on this post and tells me how they save money and still provide their family with healthy options, to disprove the coupon myth that all good and healthy food are too expensive.


Green's said...

I believe that the key to good coupon use is to use them when you can get a deal at the store. I try to buy in season so I am not paying so much out of pocket. Plus you add in some coupons and you can make many good and healthy choices for yourself and your family. I also think that the only way things can be too pricey to be healthy is when they are pre packed. They always cost more that way!

Have a great day!

Jennie said...

I definitely use my coupons to stock up on deals on sauce, pasta, etc. I also try to watch sale prices on produce before buying them to make the most of the deal. You have to be selective to make healthy food at less of a cost.

Jaime said...

Anyone who doesn't use coupons is just crazy! I get free apples, bananas, meat, pasta sauce, very cheap soups, and much much more! Why wouldn't you want to save on food so you have more money to play?! You just have to make an effort to save on the healthy food or any food!