Monday, May 17, 2010

Sam's Club and Rebates

Do you shop at Sam's Club? I do on occasion. It is about an hour from my house so not worth it unless I get a lot of things.  There are often Mail in Rebates for a variety of items and you can use your Sam's Club Purchases to qualify for many rebates.

We went to Sam's Club on Saturday and I bought Swiffer refills because I NEVER find them on sale.  There is a mail in rebate on the swiffer website here.

You must purchase $20.00 worth of Swiffer refill items to qualify for a $10.00 rewards card.

The Swiffer Wet Jet Refills were $10.58
The Swiffer Wet Clothes    were $14.87
Total Before Rebate          is        $25.45
The Gift Rewards care will be    - $10.00
Total Cost after rebate                 $15.45

In order to keep track of many rebates I recomend using the rebate tracker website here.

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