Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boogie Wipes

Remember how I often mention certain products are worth a splurge? And Boogie Wipes is always mentioned among my favorite products. They make my life so easy! I keep a pack at home, in each vechile and in the diaper bag. I love that you can' buy Boogie Wipes on Amazon they are awesome saline wipes that come in "flavors" like grape, Fresh Scent, Chamomile with Vitamin E, Magic Menthol and unscented. The even come in little sachets ( which would be very cool to add to a toddler gift bag for school parties. Or a fun addition to a gift for a baby shower. ( I like to give toddler items, because everyone else gives baby items that are only used a short time)

Boogie Wipes make my life sooo much easier! There is no fighting little noses and because there is saline it makes it easier for a two year old to do things himself or herself.

Right now they are having a great promotion. If you redeem three UPC Labels you can redeem them for a Boogs doll/ stuffed animal. Just go to the Boogie Mom's Website here They will have a form to print out and send in. These are the details from their website.

Boogs will arrive in your mailbox with a coloring sheet, stickers and a coupon.

Purchase 3 packs of Boogie Wipes at Retailers Nationwide. Click here to Join the Boogie Bunch and get a $1 off coupon.

U.S. Residents:
Print your very own Boogs Cut & Paste Page.
Canada Residents:
Print your very own Boogs Cut & Paste Page.

Have Mom or Dad read these OFFICIAL RULES OF GIVEAWAY and sign your Boogs Form for you.

Glue your 3, 30 Count Boogie Wipe UPC Codes to your Boogs Page and mail it in.

 And Please go to their website and tell them I sent you. The Mom blogger who generates the most traffic to the Boogie Wipes Website wins a $250 Target Gift Card! And you know how much I LOVE Target! Especially when the closet Target to me is 45 minutes away and I have been there more than Walmart in the last year! So go to Boogie Wipes now and check them out!

Oh.. Pss.. They sale Boogie Wipes at Sam's Club  

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