Friday, July 17, 2009

Sesame Place-Tips and Trips

We went to Sesame Place and the Crayola factory for our first family vacation and I thought I would share a few tips and my mistakes.

  1. Buy the season passes. They season passes give you free parking and 30 percent off food and merchandise. I didn't think to do this and that was a huge mistake.
  • Parking is either 15 for general parking, 18 for prefered and 25 for VIP parking
  • Food is expensive, but the 30 percent off makes it more reasonable since you can't bring in outside food. A grilled chicken salad is 10.00.
  • They have souvenir refill containers, they are worth it if you plan on more than one drink during the day. Don't buy them in Elmo's eatery because they are 8.50 there. They have other sport type bottles that are 4.99 at the stands in the park.
  • Oscar's Garage has all souvenirs under $10.00
2. Check out the Sesame Place website for their recommended hotels. They often have
packages We stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel Bucks county and it was about 9 miles from the park.

3. If you decided to do the park the best time is the middle of the week. We arrived on a Monday and it was packed. Tuesday and Wednesday are much better days because they are less crowded. It is a small park so it gets crowded fast.

4. Wear you swimsuit to the park with a cover up. They do have changing areas, but it is mainly a water park. We didn't realize this and spent a lot of time changing etc.

5. The character meal is a great dinner and show. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend doing it at least once.

6. Bring your own camera, the staff is more than happy to use your camera to take pictures.

7. If you can't find a character ask a person in a blue or black shirt. They are managers and great at helping you out. We couldn't find Count Von Count and when she realized he was done until the parade she put us on a list to go the VIP area before the parade.

8. The shows are the main attraction and great! Though I reccomend arriving 15 minutes early for each show to get a great seat.

9. This park is great if you have a Sesame Street Fan, but park for park Idlewild Park in PA is a much better deal. They are cheaper, don't make you pay for parking, allow outside food in the park and the season pass is the same prices as a day pass to sesame place.

The Crayola factory was a great experience as well, but I would recommend going during the beginning of the week because they get a lot of camps during the end of the week.


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