Sunday, July 26, 2009

Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Sometimes the best goal to motivate you to use coupons and do surveys is to set an attainable goal.

My friend Kristin has fallen in Love with Disney! So she has decided to once again coupon her way to Disney by saving money through product trials, emailing companies for coupons, surveys and saving money. Her blog is found here

My goals of course aren't as fun as hers. All I want to do is someday remodel my 1970s kitchen, bathroom, and turn our basement into a finished room for the family to enjoy!

I also have strict rules for the surveys and product trials I complete. If they involve my child's participation in anyway he gets the money for his college fund and if it is a gift card it goes to something fun for him. I am not someone who buys a lot of toys just because, only special occasions so this is good occasional treat for him.

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