Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's Do the Potty Dance!

I absolutely love My husband and I have had the honor of hosting several parties for this word of mouth marketing site. We love it because it gives us an excuse to socialize and give our friends cool stuff for free.   And as you know I LOVE FREE !


We received the Potty Dance Potty Dance Party Package, containing lots of awesome stuff.  
  1. A coupon for FREE Pull Ups ( which was awesome at Rite Aid this week).  
  2. Several $2.00 off Pull Ups coupons
  3. 7 Potty Dance DVDS
  4. 7 Potty Dance Dance* Matts
  5. A Photo Digital Key Chain 
  6. 35 Music Downloads for each guest with a 7 day Trial
  7. Coupons for 3 free issues of Parents Magazine for each guest
  8. Bonus Huggies Reward Points

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