Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Go Away and Don't come Back some other day!

As you may have noticed I didn't post on Saturday. That is because the mail didnt' come due to massive amounts of crazy snow fall.

Thos would be our cars, 1 Jeep Grand Cheorkee and 1 Saturn covered in snow!  Why we didn't put one in the garage before the snow is beyond me!

Well anyway.. Todays mail consisted of:

1. $10.00 check from
2.  $15.00 off  Procter and Gamble coupon book from Save A Lot ( The are Manufactor coupons that can be used anywhere) contains several high dollar amount coupons, including $2.00 off LUVS diapers.
3. 1 Coupon for FREE Immaculate Baking Refrigerated Dough
4. 2 Huggies Flyers containing 1 $1.00 off Pull Ups Wipes, 2 $2.00 off Pulls Ups and 2 $1.00 off Huggies Diapers
5. 1 $0.50 off Hunts 
6. 1 Unilever coupon booklet, $1.00 off Bertoli, $1.00/2 Breyers, $0.60 off I can't Believe Its Not butter, $0.50/2 Knorr Pasta and Rice Sides, $1.00/2 Lipton Tea Bag Products, $1.00/2 Wishbone,$1.00/2 Degree, $1.00 off Dove, $1.00 off Ponds, $0.50/2 Q-Tips, $0.50 off Suave, $1.00 off Vasline
7. Dove Dimensions Coupon Booklet containing $1.75 off Dove Men Care, $1.50 off Dove Men Care, $1.25 off Dove Beauty Bar 4 pack, $1.00 off Dove Wash/
8. Celtic Woman CD that I recieved from EMI Music for being a member of Music Moms. I will review it and get back to you on this one!

oh and per usual all of my totals from surveys are here

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