Saturday, March 5, 2011

$304.90 of Clothes for $1.98

4 Shirts From the Macy's Clearance. I used a $25.00 Merchandise Credit I received because they forgot to remove a security device from an item that my husband received as a gift. 
  1. $50.00 marked down to$7.50
  2. $29.99 marked down to $4.99
  3. Original 14.99 marked down to 6.99
  4. Original Price $50.00 marked down to 7.50

8 Pairs of FREE jeans from Target . The were marked down to 4.98 and there is a printable and mobile coupon for $5.00 off women's denim. Originally 19.99

I learned about this deal here and she has a link to the printable coupon as well!
and here is where you sign up for the mobile coupons.

* The jeans are junior sizing and run about 2 sizes larger than what you normally wear.


Michele said...

This is amazing...I was hoping that you were still blogging. I don't know how I came across your blog, but I have found some very useful information here. After learning about surveys here on your blog, I had a question regarding signing up for the surveys. I know that you should set up a different email when signing up for the surveys, but do you need to use your real address? Can you use a PO Box?

Vanessa said...

You need to use an address you can receive checks at otherwise you can get paid or product trials :)