Friday, December 12, 2008

Great Mail Day Again/ Product Trials Pay OFf

Product Trials

I like to do product trials for a variety of reasons. Mainly because it is nice to influence new products and product development. I also take product trials very seriously and abide by their rules, so I will not name the brand unless they specifically say too.

Today's Mail

1. Product Trial of a meat product. Two large containers. It arrived cold.
2. Cheap Diapers from Amazon
3. Cheap Dump Truck from Amazon
4. 2 .50 off Bio Nature Coupons
5. 1 $1.00 Bencol Coupon
6. 2. $1.00 Bear Naked Coupons
7. 1 $5.00 Sears Gift Card ( From Becoming a Fan on Facebook)

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