Monday, December 29, 2008

Stockpiling- and Target

I only stockpile items when they are free, make me money or uber cheap. Last November I got in on a great deal at Target that allowed me to get over a year and half or more free of Huggies babies wipes, I have enough relish and pickles for at least the next few summers.

Well. My current stockpile obsession is Rayovac Batteries that are in the Dollar Spot at Target. Now if you are actually from Johnstonw, you know we do not have a Target, but there is one in Altoona, Greensburg and Irwin. Some deals are worth driving for if you do it right.

The Rayovac batteries are reduced to .50 cents and the coupon is found here. The coupons are 50 cents, so make sure you get another item or a few for overage. I learned this lesson today when I went into the negative and had to throw random mints on the belt while in line. I could have had a zero total if I thought it out better.

Also, I am constantly stockpiling Johnson's Buddy Bars. The coupon is for a $1.00 off and most stores have the buddy bars for .94 to $1.12. So free or cheap buddy bars. My little man even near old enough for these, but he has at least 30 or more for when he is ready. They don't go bad when stored in a cold dry place and seem like a fun thing for a kid to use when he learns to bathe himself.

They look like this

Lastly, I know I have quit a few readers. I see my blog counter is nearing 2000 hits and they can't all be me! If you visit comments would greatly be appreciated even if you just want to say hey. If you are just someone I know in real life, a friend from BBC or HCW it would be awesome to see that you stopped by to visit.


Ashley * wintermom2be* said...

I am visiting from BBC Coupon thread and wanted to say "hi"! I just found your blog this week and will continue to check in!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks Ashlee, its great to hear from you!

tara said...

Visting from BBC coupon thread as well. I "stalk" Fannie and Manda's blogs, so I will add yours to my list. =)

tara (imatarak13)

Melissa said...

I'm visiting from BBC :) Thanks for the tips on Minefield Research and Mills Advisory Panel. I just signed up for both.