Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nature's Source Product Review

Target has Nature's Source Cleaners on a price cut for 3.14 and there is a Target Printable coupon here. There may be other manufacture coupons out that you can coming them with for a better deal, but I am not sure. Still 2.14 for a Natural Cleaner is not bad at all!

I was fortunate to have two coupons for a FREE product from Kathi's Bzz Campaign that she is participating in. ( I however was not lucky enough to be chosen for this campaign, but still want to BZZ the product)

My only complaint about the product its that the products are not available in the Johnstown area, but this should not be surprising if you are familiar with the area.

I redeemed the coupons for the bathroom cleaner and the multi-purpose cleaner. They are not harsh smelling like most cleaners and actually clean quite well! I highly recommend them because the bathroom cleaner removed most of a rust stain that several boughts with a Mr. Clean Eraser did not dent!

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Kathi said...

I'm so glad the cleaners worked for you! Nature's Source 1, Rust Stain, 0!

Thanks for the feedback.