Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Target Glade Fragrence Collection Deal

Target has an excellent deal on Glade candles from the Fragrance collection that BzzAgent shared with us.

They offer is if you buy two candles you get a $5.00 dollar giftcard.

The price per candle is 5.79
There are several coupons out for $3.00 -$4.00 dollars off a Glade Candle. Also there are $1.00 off Target coupons that can be combined with the manufacture coupons.

Two Candles at 5.79 = 11.78
Two Coupons at 3.00= -6.00
Two Target Coupons at 1.00= -2.00
Total 1.78 for two candles

Use a 5.00 giftcard left from the Target Pepsi Deal and earn another $5.00 Target giftcard. keep repeating until you are out of coupons.

If you can't find the Target coupons, it is still a good deal to roll for giftcards.

Two Candles at 5.79 = 11.78
Two Coupons at 3.00= -6.00
Total 5.78
Use Giftcard from Pepsi Deal - 5.00
Total OOP $0.78 and one $5.00 giftcard

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Together We Save said...

Thanks for the info. I love Glade candles.