Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning with Ebay Again

I am new to this ebay thing for things other than books ( which I found Amazon to be better and as a great GUIDE point). So it has been years since I had an account, but I am attempting ebay to get un-need/ un-wannted items out of my house. I have only sold wedding bells NIB so far, but I have a few more auctions going!




4d 05h

This was in my house when we moved in, but my husband kept hitting his head off of it, so we replaced it before he got a serious head injury.




4d 08h

This was a past auction that didn't sell, but I decided to add a photo to show how they could be decorated ( this was from my wedding in 2006).

Lastly, two NIB Child Locks that was a gift, but I have no idea where to return them, because I hate the concept of drilling into cabinets when my child listens to NO very well..

Safety 1st: Magnetic Tot Lock 4-Lock Set

Safety 1st: Magnetic Starter Set of TOT locks for

I am trying.. So I will let you know how it goes!

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