Monday, March 9, 2009

Random Advice

I figured posting about how I save , what I do and why would be a good blog entry.

  1. Stockpiling A lot of people don't understand the concept of stocking up on certain items when their is a good sale, it is a hard concept to grasp for some that could really benefit from this practice. For example the great Ragu Deal cost me $7.00 after the deal was said and done. Sauce averages about $3.00 a jar with out coupons or sales. So if I didn't use coupons in combined with a sale that same amount of Ragu would have cost over $90.00. That money saved is better in my pocket than a stores! The expiration date is 2011, and surely a family of 3 can use 31 or more jars of sauce in that time period! The same applies with the Steam Fresh Vegetables deal. Or the fact that I had a son in 2007 and never had to buy babywipes! I got a ton for free at Target! That is at least $300.00 in Savings. I save a lot by matching the ads with coupons and often coupons off Ebay in order to get a lot of one item. This is just common sense and a great practice for anyone who just wants to save money!
  2. Emailing companies is another great way to save money! We have tried a variety of items for free or super cheap! I have gotten a large variety of coupons for free food, free cleaning products, free HBA items that I normally wouldn't have tried. It is great to be diverse and not brand specific, this in turn will help you save more money!
  3. Product Trials are another favorite of mine. I can't go into details, but I can honestly say in almost every room of my house there is a product trial item of some sort. Often people will look in our bathroom and see tags that say PRODUCT TEST ITEM or in our Kitchen and see other items labeled PRODUCT TRIAL. We have tried several great items this way! Including a large variety of ORGANIC items. This cuts down your budget because you get these items for free and you can plan your meals around the food items!
  4. Free Samples are great as well, you get to try a lot of new items as well as cut down on your budget for personal items or snack items. I am in constant battle to lose weight and we made a rule that they only snack foods in our house have to be FREE either from coupons or samples. Also we keep a large basket of samples in our guest bedroom for visitors and one on the dryer for random laundry samples that are always coming!
  5. Surveys and earning giftcards are also great, but you also get to give your opinion to companies developing ideas! A lot of people say they don't pay that well, but little amounts do add up! In the month of February I brought in over $200.00 doing surveys and Swagbucks! Each month does add up!
  6. Using FREE giftcards from Swagbucks and other sources to pay for everyday expenses at a discount are a GREAT way to save money, especially when you have a baby! I have basically elimated buy diapers from our budget and have them delivered to my front door by using Amazon Subscribe and Save for an addition discount and FREE shipping!
  7. Shop all year round for gifts. My husband and I have several nieces and nephews and often its cheaper and easier to watch the clearance sections and put items away instead of paying full price right before Christmas.

The way is mainly common sense to me! I have the time and ability so why not! I rather put the money I am saving towards remodeling my home and savings than things that are consumed or bought at full price.

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