Monday, January 26, 2009

They made me do it!

Let me repeat how much I LOVE Bilo-Riverside in Windber now that the have a new owner. They are awesome!

I have a few personal karma rules of couponing. My number one rule is to never clean a store out, unless they tell me too. Well today Bilo told me too! They were getting another shipment in, so it was encouraged! The Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Vegteables were $1.00 or 10 for 10 as advertised. I ordered several coupons off of ebay and was RAOKed a few from coupon friends.

I did two transactions. The first I bought 18 bags of Vegetables and the second I bought 16 because they told me to go get more since I had more coupons. I then gave the left over coupons to the Cashiers. ( Again working on Karma and reserving freezer space for another deal).

Transaction for 18 Steam Fresh Vegetables Total = $4.20
MFR coupon savings = 15.40
Double Coupon savings ( they did something here) =1.40
Wild Card and Store Savings = 24.82

Total Savings = 41.62

Transaction for 16 Steam Fresh Vegetables Total= $3.40
MFR Coupon Savings =11.20
Wild Card and Store coupon savings =23.52
Double Coupon savings ( something weird again) =1.40
Total Savings = 36.12

I bought 34 Bags of Vegetables ( for some reason it feels like more I may need to count them)

My total out of pocket spending $7.60 for 34 bags!


Betsy's Third said...

They made you do it huh! :P Did they load up your cart and then carry it out to your car for you? I would have been excited to get cheap veggies too! Good job!

Vanessa said...

LOL. I think she would have! She saw that I had more coupons and said go get more! I told them I don't like to clean off shelves but they confirmed another shipment was arriving and it wasn't a big deal if I did!