Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Email Companies

Emailing Companies

I have successfully contacted 676 companies. I put everything into a google document with active links to share (docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfk9rdxc_5fb...).

To find a company on it using Fire Fox to Edit on the tabs and click FIND. A box will appear on the bottom left hand of your screen. Type in the company name and it will come up if I added it.

If there is a company I don't have please leave me a comment with the name of the company and I will add it!


Moma said...

Love your posts!! I am keeping track of the companies that I contact as well. I took your list and downloaded it into excel. one thing that I think would be super helpful to newbies...is to give us a sample of what you write to the companies.

side note, I contacted BumbleBee tuna and they sent me a q for a 3 pack of tuna...i have a very sick kitty right now and this tuna is the only thing that he has wanted to eat in days!! Love the Karma!!!

Vanessa said...

I usually write something about the product, where I buy it, then I ask to be added to their mailing list for product developments and promotions.

I always try to say something nice and relevant to their products. Or if it something we haven't tried I tell them I would like to after viewing their website and would like to know where to buy it and if they have a mailing list.