Sunday, January 25, 2009


I absolutely love the new and improved Bilo-Riversids in PA. They were recently sold to independent owners and the new owner of the Windber store has done a great job. They keep the place clean, have great deals and a MUCH friendlier staff.

Today I went and stocked up on more cheap chickens! They are $1.00 a lb and I can make several yummy and healthy meals from each chicken!

  1. Chicken-$2.89
  2. Chicken-3.48
  3. Chicken-3.39
  4. Chicken-3.42
  5. 4 Bar S- Hot Dogs 1.00 and used $0.25 doubled = $0.50 per package
  6. 4 Packages of Kraft Cheese $2.99 and I used 4 $0.75 off coupons that doubled = $1.49 a package
  7. 1 Can Polar Chesnut and 1 Can Bamboo Shoots- $0.99 I used a .50 coupon that doubled=.98 for two cans
  8. Rotel Mild Diced Tomatos- 1.00 and I used a .50 off coupon that doubled and made it FREE
  9. Fresh Express Salad -Reduced to $0.99 I used a $.055 coupon that doubled that gave $0.11 in overage
  10. Lastly I bought 4 packages of Jello using no coupons :( at $0.69 a box.

My total for 19 items was $25.08
MFR Coupon Savings was $5.05
Double Coupon Savings was $ 5.05
Wild Card Savings was $9.29
Total Savings was $19.39

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