Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stockpiling Rotel ?

I am debating if I should stock up on Ro-Tel. Bilo-Riverside has it 10 for 10 and Evil Place aka Walmart has it for $0.83.

At Bilo it would be $0.40 after the double $0.30 coupon.

At Walmart it would be $0.53 because they don't double coupons.

My problem is that I can't guarantee Bilo will have the same price after the auction ends. Their adds run from Thursday to Wednesday and generally I try to avoid Walmart like the plague.


Samantha said...

i am jealous that your walmart is ok with multiple coupons. Mine acts like I am stealing.

Vanessa said...

Oh no Walmart isn't here! Last time I did a deal with more than one coupon they made me do separate transactions. I called the cooperate and said the cashiers were wrong! Next time I am calling while in line! They are horrible and have no idea even how to put a coupon through. Which is why I usually end up at Bilo-Riverside! They are much friendlier!