Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walmart Yesterday

When I go to Walmart you know it has to be a great deal or for a free item that is only found in the Johnstown Walmart. Why do I hate the Johnstown Walmart you ask? The poorly trained cashiers, poorly stocked shelves, overpriced merchandise, rude employees and rude shoppers.

I found that if I go at 8-9 in the morning it elimates the rude shopper issue. I have been to other Walmarts and none are as bad as the Johnstown Walmart, especially in the customer service department.

Yesterday I bought

1.1 Kahiki General Tso's Chicken
2. 3 Johnson Buddy Bars
3. 1 Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise
4. Olivo Spray Butter
5. Smart Balance Butter
6. Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner

I used
1 Free Kahiki Coupon, but it was only for up to 5.00. So I had to pay .76
1 Free Scrubbing Bubbles but it was only for up to 3.50 I had to pay .54
1 1.00 Juicy Juicy Harvest Surprise After coupons it was 1.67
1 1.00 off Olivo Spray After coupons it was .50
1 1.00 off Smart Balance Butter After coupons it was .98
3 1.00 off Johnson Buddy Bars After coupons it was -.09

My total was 18.76 before coupons and 4.68 after coupons for 8 items.

Quite a few people thing coupons are only for processed foods or unhealthy items. I found this to be quite the opposite with this little experiment. The organic and healthier food companies actually send the best coupons.

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