Tuesday, February 24, 2009

BzzAgent- The Fragrance Collection by Glade®

I was offered a new Bzz-Campaign a few days ago. It is for The Fragrance Collection by Glade®

I highly suggest checking out their website. The candles look nice and we all know SC Johnson is a great company when it comes to coupons. So if your not a BzzAgent it may be worth your while to contact them for a coupon here

I love candles and think they give a decorative touch to any home! These don't look bad either


grammpaula said...

I keep checking my bzz page and I never have any campaigns to sign up for. It's disappointing. I've emailed them and they say I don't check often enough. How often do you caheck you page to see if you have campaigns available? I haven't had a campaign for over 2 years.

Vanessa said...

I keep the page up all day. Check under spectator campaigns and see which ones you have missed.

I am a computer junkie, my husband and I have a few computers around the house so I just hit refresh on a view sites when I walk by them.. Since I keep the laptop in the kitchen usually and need it to cook!