Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Mail

  1. Free Glamor Magazine
  2. Free Remedy for Life Magazine
  3. $5.00 Check from Mindfield
  4. $5.00 Amazon Giftcard from Swagbucks
Fed-Ex just delivered and AWESOME product trial that I qualified for using Surveyspot

My mail has been sparse, so I think its time to start over on the Giant List and add more too it. If you have another company to add, please post it in the comments section!


Moma, aka Paula Higgins said...

I have one for you!!! True Lemon (or as I prefer...True Lime) Great little packets of flavor!!!

Vanessa said...


grammpaula said...

Here's a link to my spreadsheet.

I hope this works. I just started writing to companies and I've gotten several very good coupons. OnCor has been the best so far!

Vanessa said...

Aren't google spread sheets the best!

grammpaula said...

Gotta love Google. I had the free trial documents for Windows that came with the computer. Once I use the limits allowed I couldn't edit or print anything. I stumbled on to Google and now I use it for everything. And HEY it's FREE!!!!