Friday, February 13, 2009

The Great Rebate Debate

Please look at the upper right side of my blog. As a lot of you may know I am attempting to keep track of all the of the income I earn from non-work related sources. That I detail in a google spread sheet that can be found here. My husband and I were discussing this issue last night. He views rebates money saved, which I don't keep track of yet. I am not quite sure where to categorize it because I am just starting to do rebates. So if you could be so kind leave a comment with your thoughts and vote in the poll.


grammpaula said...

I would consider a rebate to be in the same catagory as your Rite Aid check. Isn't that the same as a rebate? You buy the item and then send in pop and get back money.

To me it's extra money so should be counted.

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I was conflicted. I wasn't sure if I should include Single Check rebates and other types. Though Rebates are still something I need to work on.

grammpaula said...

I used to do rebates years ago. It was a lot easier to get the rebate forms. I saved everything just in case there was a rebate. I had what it took to fulfill the items requested to send in. I now only do rebates for things I am using right now. I'll watch how you are doing in the rebate world and see if I get encouraged to try again.