Monday, February 23, 2009

Mail Today

A few people had messaged me that they want to see pictures of what I get in the mail each day. So here is today's mail of free stuff!

  1. 5 Fresh Scent Boogie Wipes, 4 Grape Scent Boogie Wipes , and 3 $1.00 off coupons for Boogie Wipes. You can also join the Boogie Bunch and recieve a $1.00 off coupon here
  2. 1 Huggie's Diaper Sample from Walmart Free Samples
  3. 1 Perdue Mini Recipe Booklet
  4. 3 $0.25 off any Chicken of the Sea Product
  5. 2 $0.50 off One 20 oz Sobe LifeWater and 2 $0.50 off One Bottle Sobe
  6. 2 FREE Michelina's Entree Coupons
  7. 1 Free Sweet Baby Ray's Coupon, $1.00 off Any Ken's Steak House Marinade, $1.00 off Any 16 oz. Ken's Steak House Salad Dressing, $1.00 off Sweet Baby Ray's
  8. 5 Huggies Happy Baby Pamphlets containing $0.50 off Wipes and 2 $1.50 off Huggies Diapers ( I have no idea why we get so many)
  9. 1 FREE Gerber Spoon
  10. 1 $3.00 Check from Buzzback Research
  11. FREE Simple Human Replacement part for my garbage can.
  12. $5.00 Amazon Giftcard for Reviewing Wedding Vendors on Wedding Wire


liane66 said...

Thanka for posting a pic. I really enjoyed seeing your cool mail!

Becky said...

Great score!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I figured when I lost three subscribers I better spice it up!

I can't wait to use the Boogie wipes! They look neat!

Kim_150 said...

I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog through the Dollar Stretcher, and got inspired to sit down with a stack of my favorite products and start e-mailing. I just spent 20 minutes on it while vegging out in front of the TV, and would you believe I've already gotten coupons in the mail? This is great!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

I had a great dy in the mail today also!


Vanessa said...

Awesome! I love good mail days!

liane66 said...


I've been doing your 5 a day challenge and have received a few positive responses of coupons and samples. Thanks so much!