Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sam's isn't always cheaper!

Today we went to Altoona to go to Sam's Club and Target. Then we stopped at the Ebensburg Walmart to see if it was better than the Johnstown Walmart. We were pleasantly surprised, the staff is wonderful and friendly!

Since Altoona is about 45 minutes from our home we take time to prepare a list and coupons before we go. This worked out to our advantage this time. We went to the Sam's Club website and made our shopping list. Then we printed it out to bring to Target to compare prices.

We spent more at Target than I have been accustom to spending lately, but it was all needed items.


Huggies Wipes from the Trial Size Department were Clearanced to $0.48
I used a $1.00 off Kimberly Clark coupon valid on Huggies
That resulted in overage of $0.52

Earth's Best Sticks were $1.77
I used a coupon for $0.55

The total $1.22

Two Clorox Wipe Packs from The Trial Size Section $0.99
Clorox Wipe Packs from The Trial Size Section $0.99
The total for two packs $1.98
I used a 1.50 off any two Clorox Coupon which made the total $0.48

The best Deal by far was Kashi TLC SOFT CEREAL BARS they are one price cut to $2.75 at Target, there regular price is a little over 3.00 at Target and almost $6.00 for the same box at Giant Eagle!

I had 5 coupons from the Vocal Point Mailers. So I paid $0.75 per box!

We also found that All Free and Clear was cheaper per load at Target when using a $1.00 off coupon than Sam's club. The same also applied to Charmin, Tidy Cat Scoop and Glad Force Flex Garbage bags.

I saved even more by using a gift card I earned from the Mill's Panel for taking a phone survey. So watch your phones they call you too!


Walmart was also better than expected because I had a few coupons for free items. I bought 8 items and only paid $6.29 thanks to the fact I email companies regularly!

The items that I had free coupons for were:
  1. Dr. Pepper
  2. Pilgrim's Pride Chicken Tenders
  3. Buding Lunch Meat
  4. Buding Lunch Meat
  5. Fisher Boy Fish Sticks
  6. Clorox Bleach
  7. Delmonte No Salt Added Tomatoes.

The Fisher boy was Free up to $3.99, so I had to pay the difference because the bag was $7.99 and of course I had to get Ice Tea. Overall it was a pretty good trip!

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