Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Amazon Example

Diapers are a necessary thing when you have a baby! I am cheap but definitely not dedicated to use cloth like some others! Though when you buy diapers my way it may be cheaper than cloth diapers. I earn gift cards for Amazon via the links on the right and enter them into my account. I save even more by using the subscribe and save feature with promotional codes.

This is what my order looks like for the diapers!

Items Ordered Price
1 of: Pampers Cruisers Diapers, Size 4 (22-37 Lbs), Value Pack, 100 Cruisers [Health and Beauty]
Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
- 1 item(s) Gift options: None

Item(s) Subtotal: $35.29
Shipping & Handling: $9.47
Shipping Discount: -$9.47
Promotion Applied: -$5.29
Total Before Tax: $30.00
Sales tax: $0.00
Gift Certificate/Card Amount: $19.58
Total for this Shipment: $10.42
Total paid by Gift Certificate/Card: $19.58

That is right I paid 10.42 for 100 diapers! Which is an excellent price for Pampers!

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