Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Samples

  1. Free Underjams for Bedwetting Children
  2. Free Kindgerstart magnet
  3. Always Infinity
  4. $10.00 Pilsbury Coupon Booklet
  5. Another Always Infinity Link
  6. Always Samples for Teens
  7. Free Playtex Sport
  8. Simply Discrete Feminine Sample
  9. Free K-Pak Shampoo Samples
  10. Hyland Leg Cramp Patch
  11. Free Energizer Hearing Aid Battery
  12. Free Pero Coffee Sample
  13. Free Cream of Wheat Sample
  14. Paradise Island Popcorn Sample
  15. Carmen Estate Coffee Sample
  16. Quaker Mini-Delight Sample
  17. Quaker True Delight Sample
  18. After School Kit
  19. Free Mr. Clean Eraser
  20. OxyFresh Toothpaste Sample
  21. Free Tide Total Care
  22. Free Handmade Soap
  23. Free Plant Food Sample
  24. Parental Stressline Magnet
  25. Drontol Pet Bag Clean up Dispenser
  26. Nurish Dog Food

A lot of you may wonder what we do with all the free samples that come in the mail. It just depends on the sample.

1. HBA items we don't use go into a large basket in the guest bedroom for when we have guests.

2. Coffee Samples to straight to the freezer for when the inlaws or other coffee drinking guests arrive.

3. Pet Samples we don't use get donated to the humane societies.

4. I put all the coloring books and stickers away for when our child is older. I think they may make great potty training rewards.

5. The laundry samples get put on a basket on the dryer and used when I run low on detergent and don't feel like running to the store.

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